Our new web portals NNN.NET and NNN.BZ tracking the triple-net lease sector are under construction. We expect to have our beta version running in Q4 2008.

Sale / Leaseback

Our innovative Sale/Leaseback financing structures are designed to provide micro-cap to mid-cap public companies with access to capital when liquidity is a challenge

Real Estate Consulting

You know how to manufacture and distribute widgets. We know Real Estate. Together we can assess how to best market, finance, and capitalize on your illiquid real estate assets. Unlocking your real estate liquidity to fund your business is our specialty.

Our Business:

Liquidity. Access to Capital. Financing. All important concepts for micro-cap and small-cap public companies in todays economic environment. The solutions today are few and far-between. Dover Holding Corporation is focused on providing capital to the equity markets through accessing un-tapped equity in illiquid assets on your balance sheet.

We design transactions for you to sell your real estate and lease it back on a long-term basis, leaving you in control of your property. Our innovative lease structure allows the lessee to pay a combination of cash and common stock in order to preserve liquidy for investment into the growth of your business

Company News & Events:

October 21, 2008
SEC Form 10 Filed

Dover Holding Corporation announcesed today that it has filed a Form 10 registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission...

August 1, 2008
Domains NNN.NET and NNN.BZ Acquired
Dover Holding Corporation announced today that it had acquired the domains NNN.NET and NNN.BZ......

June 1, 2008
Frank Crivello Appointed Chairman/CEO

Dover Holding Corporation announced today the appointment of Frank P. Crivello as Chairman and CEO....